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Away We Grow is a NJ Grow Center



The main focus of this program is development in the areas of language arts, math, science, social and emotional skills, fine motor skills and character development.




IN our 4-year old class, children get to learn through teacher and peer interaction in both small and large groups. Activities including poem recitations, measuring things, identification of feelings and basic table etiquettes covered in this segment.




The five year old classroom focuses mainly on kindergarten readiness. As part of this very important phase, school days are filled with fun, challenging learning and social activities that are specifically designed to inspire children to move, create and interact with peers.

Integrated Preschool Program for Children

Away We Grow PreSchool has adopted an integrated curriculum to ensure overall development of all preschoolers. Training features whole language activities and a wide variety of materials and methods. Our team of dedicated professionals encourages learning by providing creative experiences rooted in discovery, wonder, inquiry and excitement.


Our preschool program mostly includes reading / math readiness, hands-on learning, outdoor play and additional features such as music, exercising, field trips and fun activities.

  • Physical skills

  • Personal skills

  • Social skills

  • Respect

  • Gratitude

We are a family owned and operated business with over seven years of experience.

Preschool Program for Children

You can be sure that by the time your kid graduates preschool and pre-k programs, he or she would have all the capabilities and a strong foundation to excellently cope with academics.

A few aspects we instill in our kids

Features of our preschool program:

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Advanced Programs for Comprehensive Development

Preschool supp- preschooler